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A Guide to Establishing a Healthy Budget for Your Medical Practice


Running your own medical practice can be an incredibly rewarding project. Not only can you take more control over your work, but you can find your niche and help people in a way that others can’t. But when it comes to running your own practice, you are no longer just a doctor. Now you’re a […]

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Investment Options: The 6 Biggest Ways ETFs Benefit SMSFs

MEDIQ - ETFs Benefit SMSFs

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) offer real benefits to Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) and investment in ETFs by SMSFs are on the rise. To put a number on it, almost 15% of the total number of SMSFs in Australia now have ETF holdings, which has doubled from 46,000 to 83,000 in one year. So, we know the […]

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Tax Deductible Holidays: What Expenses Can You Claim?

Many of us have to travel for work, and often see it as a great opportunity to tack on a little holiday while we’re there. Whether you’re going away for a quick interstate conference, a trip to visit clients, or extended overseas travel, it’s important to know which expenses you can claim for tax purposes. […]

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Debt Management Tips for Doctors


For medical professionals, managing debt is essential. At different stages of your career, income and expenses can fluctuate quite a bit, so it’s important to consider how a doctor’s career can differ from the average. Whether you’re just starting out and have educational debts, or are starting or expanding your own practice, and want to […]

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Medical Financial Planning: 5 Steps Every Health Professional Should Know

Legislation, tax obligations and other compliance issues can be tricky, and just because you’re good at your job, doesn’t mean you immediately understand everything there is to running a business. If you’re a medical professional who wants to take control of their financial future, these 5 steps can put you on the path to success. […]

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What Property Investors Should Know About Negative Gearing

mediqfinancial - Know About Negative Gearing

Property investing offers an alternative to the volatility of the stock market, and for high-income earners like medical doctors, it’s an attractive investment option. Along with the tax advantages of negative gearing, property holds the potential for high capital growth. If you’re thinking about investing in property, read on to find out more about the […]

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How You Can Boost Patient Volume to Grow Your Medical Practice

mediqfinancial - Boost Patient Volume to Grow

Medical professionals spend years in study, but as a doctor, your medical education probably didn’t directly prepare you for running a business. Growing a medical practice can be a challenge in a competitive environment, but it’s achievable if you have the right strategy. As we’ll see, getting the right team together and becoming customer-centric can […]

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Using a Buyer’s Agent to Purchase Investment Property

Using an agent to help you sell your property is not an unusual concept, but a more recent player in the Australian real estate market has been the emergence of buyer’s agents. This guide looks at what they do, the advantages of using one and what to look for when engaging their services. What does […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Divert PSI to Your SMSF

Minimising the amount of tax you pay should always be an important consideration, but it is also important to know the point at which tax minimisation becomes tax avoidance in the eyes of the ATO. Former tax saving strategies such as distributing profits to lower tax-rate individuals in a business and paying the key person […]

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When and Why You Should Review Your Personal and Practice Insurance

As a medical doctor, you can reduce your risk exposure by taking out appropriate personal and practice insurance. Personal insurance like income protection, life and disability, and trauma products can protect you against unexpected events. Public liability and medical indemnity insurance shields you and/or your practice against professional risks. Knowing when to review your insurance […]

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