Life Insurance for Doctors

Many doctors take on large amounts of debt for their homes and other luxuries, safe in the knowledge that their earning power will ensure these debts are extinguished before they retire.

This works well in theory, but how would your family cope if you were to become terminally ill or pass away before those debts were extinguished? Would your family be able to maintain their current lifestyle, or would they have to dispose of assets to make ends meet?

The responsible course of action is to ensure that you have sufficient life insurance in place so that all debts are extinguished upon your death. Not only that, but you can also provide a lump sum cash payment to your surviving family to ensure they do not endure any financial hardship.

The experts at MEDIQ Medical Financial Services can help put together a comprehensive yet affordable insurance package that will help to secure the financial security of your family.

Please contact us on or 13000 MEDIQ (63347) for a complementary review of your current insurance policies or to organise an initial consultation.