Medical Wealth – Portfolio Approach

Further research has emerged to support the MEDIQ investment philosophy that asset allocation – rather than stock or manager selection – is the primary driver of investment performance. Further to this the research suggests that actively trying to time the market also falls short of a long term hold strategy.  The old adage ‘Time in the Market – not Timing of the Market’ still rings true.

This ‘Time in the market’ concept is so important to keep in mind in these times of extended volatility. If you can ignore the hype in the press and take confidence in the long term pricing of risk and markets, the opportunity for the long term investor is obvious. Whilst the markets are cheap compared to long term averages this does not mean that the short term speculator will have any joy.

The MEDIQ model portfolios use cost effective index style funds combined with cash and term deposits to gain the asset class exposure our clients require. MEDIQ delivers a streamlined portfolio that is transparent and easy to understand, ensuring the focus of the investor remains on the key fundamentals as opposed to the tangents that can result from following the market ‘noise’.

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