Dr Ellis Choy MBBS, FRACS (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)

In their own words

“Since engaging MEDIQ, there has not only been a significant and dramatic change in terms of the approach, but also in terms of the attitude.

In comparison to my previous accounting and financial advice service, I did not feel that I was able to be as involved and as part of the process. To put it in succinctly, I did not feel like I was being a client for my previous adviser. I felt my adviser was actually my client. I felt that everything had to be done the way he instructed. I would like to have expectation as a client that he can address my financial needs and requirements to both my personal and professional life.

So I think there is a great fundamental difference that I have in the experience so far. This is not just about a change in the approach of the mundane financial planning and accounting compliance, but it’s about a fundamental enhancement in the attitude adopted by the specialists. Being able to provide not only a very professional, but also a very personal able and personalised service according to my needs.

I think it’s important to approach everything with an open mind. The same applies to financial matters. I will share with you a unique perspective of my experience of MEDIQ. Knowing that my financial team was very available in terms of their time, expertise and advice regarding my personal and professional financial needs have changed the way I run my practice.

MEDIQ are in a very unique position that they have a link to all the appropriate services. They are not only able to integrate the marketing input for a start-up practice, but also to build the relationship and implement the strategic financial plan.

As I have already mentioned to a few of my colleagues, no-one likes change. That is a fundamental truth. People are only forced to look at change when there is a fundamental need. However, if everyone had to wait till there is a fundamental need before the change and then the timing may not be appropriate. That’s why it’s important to have an open mind.

I do not expect to make dramatic change overnight, but it’s very important that people recognise that there is a fundamental need for a long term change in order to have a sustainable, prosperous foundation both in the short and long term.

And that’s the way I look at it. Not only do you need the best people in your team. You need to have someone you trust, and someone that you can work with. I think for me, MEDIQ financial has fulfilled all these criteria. They are definitely one of the best in their field.

They are very trusted in their in opinion and advice as well as their implementation and execution of various strategies or tactics. Whether it’s from the marketing or the financial point of view.

More importantly MEDIQ financial is a team of people that work well together.

I try to draw the alliance between Zilver Lining Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery and MEDIQ Financial that both our services are not just marked by the breadth of our practice, but also by the depth of our service. That in a very similar way they both have a very personalised and custom approach in addressing whether it comes to plastic and cosmetic surgery or to the most intimate of financial affairs.

In a very similar way, this is what Zilver Lining Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is all about. We are here to help patients discover the lift and the brighter side of life. In the same way that process would not be complete without the support and the most expert service from MEDIQ Financial in this journey.

It is a given that you need people who are the best and you need to go to people who you can trust. But most important is the availability and flexibility that is offered by MEDIQ that makes it a true custom designed financial service.”

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