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The Top 5 Forgotten Tax Deductions for Doctors

Posted in Accounting & Taxation,15th May 2017

  Tax time will soon be starting again, so it’s the perfect time to review individual tax-deduction strategies – especially deductions often overlooked by doctors. We surveyed our senior medical accountants and asked them “what are the top 5 forgotten deductions on individual tax returns?” – that is, deductions people can claim but often forget

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The Pros And Cons Of Salary Packaging (From An Employer’s Perspective)

Posted in Accounting & Taxation,06th February 2017

We all know that salary packaging is popular with employees, as it allows them to reduce the amount of tax that they pay. It allows the employee to pay for expenses, such as a car, laptop, or additional superannuation expenses from their pre-tax earnings, which in turn reduces the total income that can then be

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Tax Deductions Every Doctor Should be Claiming

Posted in Accounting & Taxation,20th December 2016

Medical professionals often incur a significant amount of work-related expenses, so it’s vital to ensure that you do keep records of all of these so that you can claim on them. To make sure that you do take advantage of all your allowable tax deductions, keep detailed records on an app or spreadsheet. Retain your

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8 Common Financial Mistakes Doctors Make And How To Remedy Them

Posted in Accounting & Taxation,29th August 2016

Many doctors are so busy managing the patient side of their practice, they end up neglecting the financial elements of their business. Others are distrustful of financial advisors, while some are just complacent about their finances.

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Tax Advice For Doctors

Posted in Accounting & Taxation,06th April 2016

As a medical professional in Australia you are generally considered a high-income earner, and as such the rate of tax applied is also high. This can be extremely frustrating, but even more so if you are a business owner as well. In this instance, you are not eligible for the 30% tax rate on ‘personal

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5 Tips to Keep Your Medical Practice’s Accounting Books Healthy

Posted in Accounting & Taxation,03rd March 2015

Most medical practices in Australia operate as small businesses, and that means they are exposed to the same financial challenges as other small businesses through the country. As with any small business, getting the accountancy process right is essential for ensuring the business is able to run in a sustainable manner. Accountancy can cause headaches

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10 Tips to Help You Study Accounting

Posted in Accounting & Taxation,22nd January 2015

Studying is one of those things that come easily to some people, and to others it feels like walking up Mount Everest. And studying accounting is no different. We’ve put together these 10 tips to help you with your studies for accounting. 1. Set your intentions Studying requires deliberate intention and attention. To succeed when

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Why Use a Specialist Medical Accountant?

Posted in Accounting & Taxation,25th November 2014

There are a great many reasons why all medical personnel should use a specialist medical accountant when it comes to dealing with your finances. These range from changes in Medicare policies that may affect you differently to those in other professions to ensuring you are receiving the correct deductions for your industry. We’ve put together

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How Doctors Can Beat the Taxman

Posted in Accounting & Taxation,20th February 2014

While the taxman is targeting investors hiding assets overseas, there are much less complicated ways to cut your tax bill. Here are 6 legal tax-minimising strategies that you can easily use – and they can make a significant difference to your overall wealth creation.  Not only are these legal ways to cut your tax bill,

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Budgeting for Doctors – surplus or deficit?

Posted in Accounting & Taxation,14th March 2013

Each year in early May, the Treasurer delivers the Federal Budget and many people across Australia listen intently. The Budget tells us how the government intends to spend its revenue in the coming year – whether it can afford to give us tax cuts and whether it expects to spend more (deficit) or less (surplus)

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