MEDIQ Financial Scholarship


The MEDIQ Financial Scholarship is dedicated to students who are studying accounting in Australia. The winner will receive a cash amount of AUD $3,000 to be put towards their continued studies in finance and accountancy.

MEDIQ Financial are a specialist accounting, finance and marketing firm dedicated towards the management of the funds, tax & general financing of doctors, medical professionals and their families.

This dedication towards specialisation of accounting for doctors has allowed MEDIQ Financial to offer unrivalled service in the industry. MEDIQ Financial is an entity that offers advice and support offered to doctors and fellow medical professionals that is tailored to their practice, business, home buying and money management that can’t be sought elsewhere.

To enter for a chance to win the MEDIQ Financial Scholarship you must meet the following criteria:

Be studying Accounting, Finance or Financial Planning at an accredited university or college.

In any year of study other than your first year of tertiary education with the fundamentals of accounting or finance having been studied.

To enter the competition for a chance to win the MEDIQ Financial Scholarship program, you must use a creative medium to represent a side of accounting that you love or adore.

The entry can be a song, video, poem, essay or anything else that you think can accurately display a side of accounting and finance that is creative and doesn’t get as much light.

Our team here at MEDIQ believes that accounting is fun – and we want your entries to reflect that.

You must also, with your application include a short biography about yourself and your passions while studying.

Please also include a copy of your transcript, headshot, LinkedIn profile, or anything else that we can use to get a proper gauge of the kind of person you are. We’re not looking for a straight A or straight HD student who wishes to travel. We’re looking for someone dedicated, creative, and in love with finance to be the recipient of this grant.

To enter, simply submit the above to by 30th November 2017. You will be notified with each round of scoring and choice.

To your inevitable success,
Ravi Agarwal.

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