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We all know we should invest our money wisely, but with all the investment choices available, it’s hard to know where to invest and what to invest in. It’s no longer a simple case of shares, property, fixed interest or cash – there are literally hundreds of combinations of asset categories, across different countries, themes and sectors.

A MEDIQ Medical Wealth Strategist can talk to you about your investment objectives, both short and long term, assess your current financial position and recommend appropriate investment options to help you achieve those goals. Over time, your Wealth Strategist’s recommendations will change to meet your changing circumstances and financial needs.

Financial advice should be ongoing and a Medical Wealth Strategist should be part of your everyday life.

Quality advice, from independent experts

MEDIQ Medical Financial Services will always provide you with impartial advice that is best suited to your individual needs. We are independently owned by our principals and not associated with any financial institution – so you can be confident that the products and services that we recommend to you are the most suitable for your needs.

This means we work for you, not for a financial institution. We are a firm committed to providing expert advice in financial planning, financial strategy, investment advisory and superannuation services to our clients, as well as the ongoing management of investment portfolios.

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