It’s vital to get your insurance right to cover the risks you face

All of us run the risk of being unable to work due to injury or illness, but for medical professionals the risks you are exposed to are very unique.

Don’t settle for a financial adviser who will only be able to help you with a standard income protection or life insurance policy and will be unable to assist you during the claim-time. Do they know if the policy covers needle-stick injuries? What about splash back, blood or bone dust inhalation?

We’ll be there from policy setup, to claims and beyond

You need an adviser who really understands the risks and issues that you face every day. Thankfully, MEDIQ Medical Financial Services has an absolute focus on medical professionals. Our qualified and knowledgeable specialists have substantial experience helping doctors just like you to protect themselves financially.

Claim time is when your insurance policy and your adviser really prove themselves. After all, it’s when the financial back-up plan you put in place ‘just in case’ has to kick in to provide financial security for you and your family. If you do have to make a claim, your circumstances may be difficult. MEDIQ Medical Financial Services will act as your intermediary, ensuring that the claims process is as quick as possible. With our full-service approach combining accounting, taxation, investments and insurance, we can ensure your financial well-being during those difficult times.

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