Financing made easy for busy doctors

As a Doctor, getting the time to go through the red tape to find the right loan for you is very difficult. Our service is designed to remove that stress whilst providing access to specialist products and rates granted to us due to our absolute focus on medical professionals.

Whether you are looking to restructure your current finances or add another property to your growing portfolio, MEDIQ Medical Financial Services is ready to help. Residential, Commercial and even that Rural getaway are our specialty.

We’ll help you get special rates that are only available to medical professionals

History tells us that a lot of our clients have been paying a premium rate on their loans, trusting their lender to do the right thing. Our Medical Wealth Strategists have unrivalled market knowledge and relationships, allowing them to provide large discounts on loans to doctors.

Due to our absolute focus on medical professionals, we have been able to negotiate special discounts for our clients. These discounts are quite significant, often resulting in savings of many thousands of dollars either when the loan is setup or over the term of the loan.

You could be eligible for two main types of loan discounts offered to medical professionals

1. Lenders Mortgage Insurance Waiver

This is where the lender approves your loan for more than 80% of the property value, however waives the requirement for Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).
This is a once off saving when the loan is setup.

2. Interest Rate Reduction

It isn’t hard to see how a lower interest rate will save
you money. As a doctor you don’t need to borrow over
$1 million to negotiate a better rate, you can request a discount on a much smaller loan size.

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